Teusner The Independent, Shiraz Mataro, Barossa Valley 2012

by Fergal Gleeson

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, if you live in Sydney:

  • You are never more than 10 minutes from a conversation about someone’s home renovation
  • You are never more than 5 metres from a guy wearing a beard
  • You are sitting beside someone who watches the Bachelorette
  • Or you are a person who watches the Bachelorette
  • You are never more than 14 days from your next bottle of South Australian Shiraz

Yes even in paradise everything isn’t perfect- property porn, hairy faces and “stoopid” TV is the price we pay. I’ve no qualms about good Shiraz though.

As you fulfil your wine drinking obligations you’ll be in safe hands with Teusners The Independent, a Barossa Shiraz with a splash of Mataro. It smells floral and of fresh fruit. It promises good things. And the taste delivers: smooth, silky fruit, milk chocolate with good depth of flavour and a long finish.

This is absolutely gluggable but is more than just a sweet confection. Life in Sydney can be very good. Just look out the window the sun has come back!

Widely available. Price: c $20. Rating: 4/5. Drink and be merry!

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