The Scoring System

Should Wines be given scores at all?images.jpeg

Ascribing a score to a wine is subjective and arbitrary. We should not kid ourselves about this. But all wines are not equal, so giving them a score, helps value the enjoyment they provide.

The 100 point scoring system seems over complicated for appreciating grape juice, so I score wines from 0-5. To understand my complicated scoring system, you need to know that a 5 Rated Wine, is a wine that evokes a spiritual experience, like gazing into the eyes of the Dalai Lama or Scarlett Johannsson (or both if you’re all at the same retreat). A 0 Rated Wine is a noxious liquid produced by a winemaker without a tongue, talent or scruples.

Wines scoring below 3/5 will seldom appear on this site, because this website is about recommending the good and the great ones, not turning a bazooka on wines that I don’t like. After all this site is called the “greatwineblog” !

But this website is all about the joy of wine not the points. So have a read. Have a laugh and enjoy!