The Scoring System

Should Wines be given scores at all?images.jpeg

Ascribing a score to a wine is subjective and arbitrary because everyone’s taste is different. However some wines are clearly better than others, so giving them a score, helps value the enjoyment they provide. There are tens of thousands of wines available online and in stores. This blog helps you to pick some of the great and the great value ones.

The 100 point scoring system seems over complicated for appreciating grape juice, so I score wines from 0-5 stars. To understand my complicated scoring system, you need to know that a 5 star rated wine, is a wine that evokes a spiritual experience, like gazing into the eyes of the Dalai Lama or Scarlett Johannsson (or both if you’re all at the same retreat). A 0 star wine is a noxious liquid to be cast down the sink.

Wines scoring below 3 stars will seldom appear on this site, because this website is about recommending the good and the great ones, not turning a bazooka on wines that I don’t like. After all this site is called the “greatwineblog” !

But this blog is all about the joy of wine not the points. So open a bottle and make yourself at home. Have a read, have a laugh and enjoy!