Mount Pleasant Elizabeth, Cellar Aged Semillon 2007, Hunter Valley, NSW

by Fergal Gleeson

You’ll have seen that QE 2 recently became Britain (and Australia’s?) longest serving Monarch. The cheery media coverage focussed on the ancient sovereign’s sense of duty and dedication to her country.

I did (somewhat cynically) think that most people would stay in harness beyond their retirement age if they were paid 40 million pounds sterling a year for their troubles! Coincidence or not this week’s “’Something” is the Elizabeth Cellar Aged Semillon 2007.

Named back in 1952 in honour of QE2- Elizabeth is a famous Australian wine. Hunter Semillon starts life the colour of water and has mild citrus flavours. As it ages it turns to a deep gold and develops toast and honey flavours.

The 2007 is well into this journey and has a pleasingly waxy texture in the mouth. Many white wines have the lifespan of an Australian Prime Minister (about 12 months). Hunter Semillon has the longevity of a North Korean despot but thankfully behaves much better on a Friday night. To buy a bottle of wine that has been cellared for 8 years at this price is remarkable.

But it gets better, Kemenys sell the same wine under their Hidden Label range for $12. God save indeed!

Available from Kemenys Online. C$17. Rating: 3.5/5. Drink and be merry!

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