Those Goons are at it again!

16 Credit Freedom Garvey Photographer
John Fogarty and Julian Langworthy AKA The Goon Tycoons

By Fergal Gleeson

The Goon Tycoons are a small batch side project from the highly awarded Julian Langworthy, Winemaker, John Fogarty, Viticulturist and Mark Fogarty, Finance Goon of Deep Woods fame. It’s an intriguing range of unusual varieties, single vineyard wines and experimental winemaking techniques sourced from Great Southern and Margaret River.

I recently tasted some new releases from the Goon Tycoons. As a general comment there is great attention to detail across the wines which are well priced for the quality. Available online and from the cellar door in Margaret River.

GT Ries lady NV

The ‘Supermodel’ Riesling 2018

What a thrill! The ‘Supermodel’ is all steel, slate and scintillating acid. Riesling can be shy and reticent. Not so with the ‘Supermodel’ – this wine has incredible power and focus. A light touch in the winery with cold fermented free run juice gets a great result. You could cellar this but it’s so good now I would drink this fresh and young. Wine is made to share though I must admit I hogged this one.

RRP $25                4.5 stars

The ‘Red Headed Stepchild’ Riesling

The Goons make two variations on the Riesling theme. The same free run Frankland River juice is given different treatments. The ‘Red Headed Stepchild’ is oak fermented making it softer, more floral and marginally sweeter. Giving Riesling oak exposure is unorthodox but not unheard of. They do it in Pfalz in Germany. It provides some extra texture and makes for a more rounded wine.

RRP $25                4 stars

CB Front dark

Smoking Gun Chenin 2018

Chenin Blanc has been rediscovered by some of Margaret River’s smart young winemakers such as LAS Vino, Ipso Facto and the Goons. It has ‘nobility’ and a hefty price tag in Vouvray in France. The ‘Smoking Gun’ Chenin has an electrifying acid and a dryness that makes you salivate. It finishes long. The barrel fermentation echoes modern cool climate Chardonnay in flavour. Like the Riesling it will age well but hard to walk past the enjoyment of drinking it fresh.

RRP $25                4 stars

GT Rose NV

Rapunzel Field Blend Rosé 2018

The Rapunzel Rose is a field blend of Nebbiolo, Merlot, Chardonnay and Arneis. Julian Langworthy has won many awards for his Deep Woods Rosés and his ability with the style is apparent. The ‘Rapunzel’ is a copper coloured Rosé where neither the red or white fruits dominate. Finishes long with a nice crunch. Easy to enjoy.

RRP $25                3.5 stars


Prohibition Red Shiraz Tempranillo Grenache 2017

The Tempranillo is the key to this blend. It provides the savoury core and leathery tannins that define it. Shiraz provides the plum fruit, Grenache some juiciness. It’s medium to full bodied. Though it doesn’t follow the GSM recipe there’s lots of pepper and spice to make a Rhone lover happy. It’s interesting. It works!

RRP $28                4 stars

Bunch Boy

Frankland River ‘Bunch Boy’ Shiraz 2016

‘Le grand fromage’ and the ‘big kahuna’ of The Goon Tycoons range is ‘Bunch Boy’. This is single vineyard Frankland River Shiraz whole bunch pressed Burgundy style. The inclusion of stems and all infuses the dense Shiraz fruit with a cedary complexity. More Hermitage like than about any Aussie Shiraz that I can recall. Tis intriguing, challenging and delicious. You might want to hug it.

RRP $50                4.5 stars

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Photos courtesy of: Freedom Garvey, Photographer


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