Peter Mertes Riesling 2014, Mosel Germany

by Fergal Gleeson

Peter Mertes Riesling

I don’t like shopping in Aldi! Aldi is not somewhere you go for retail therapy. You want an orgy of marble, you want overpriced European luxury goods, you want girls with orange faces selling cosmetics.

Aldi is also not a place you’d think of to pick up some good wine. However I was tipped off that they had a pretty decent German Riesling on sale so I thought I’d have a look.

I picked my way gingerly past the eclectic range of specials of 3 Packs of Ladies Camisoles and Staple Gun & Remover Kits to the Wine section.

And there it was.. a Mosel Riesling for the rather ridiculous price of $9.99. Germany is the undisputed king of world Riesling and Mosel is it’s best known region. There’s not a lot of it to be found in Australia and when it is you don’t get much change out of $30 for even the entry level wines.

So the Peter Mertes Riesling is cheap but is it any good? Sicher! (Absolutely!). This Riesling is light to medium bodied with pleasing sugar and florals on the front palate but a perfectly clean and dry aftertaste. The finish is a little short if you were hypercritical but it costs $10 so why nit-pick?

Sweetness is unusual in Australian Rieslings but nothing to be afraid of! Stash a few bottles away as your midweek white wine.

Aldi also offer excellent value right now in LED Under Bonnet Worklights so get down there!

Available from Aldi. Cost c$10. Rating: 3/5. For more wine chat check out & follow   Drink and be merry!

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