Barbadillo Fino Sherry, Jerez Spain

Barbadillo Fino Sherry, Jerez Spain

by Fergal Gleeson

Sherry has a problem with grannies! The Spanish Fortified wine is getting a little more hip as a natural accompaniment to tapas but it suffers from it’s reputation as a tipple for old dears.

Why do they all have Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry bottles in their drinks cabinets? And how can it take 4 years to drink one bottle of wine?

The home of Sherry is not the back of the bureau but the south of Spain. It comes in a variety of styles from the bone dry (Finos) to rich desert wines (Pedro Ximenez).

Barbadillo Fino is served chilled and looks like a dry white table wine in the glass. For the first two seconds it tastes that way until the unfamiliar flavours of almond nuts and sea salt kick in. And what a kick it has… the finish goes on for longer than your mortgage.

If you wanted to drink it like they do it in Spain you’d match it with anchovies or olives but it’ll work with most seafood.

So there you go! Fino is funky, challenging and not for Grannies! It’s for Adventurers!

Available from Dan Murphy’s. Price: c$17. Rating: 3/5. Drink and be merry!

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