Freeman Robusta Corvina 2012


Freeman Robusta Corvina 2012

Hilltops NSW

By Fergal Gleeson*

Rich as James Packer and dark as Rupert Murdoch’s soul, it’s Freeman Robusta 2012! This is a monumental wine made from 100% Corvina grapes, which are partially dried to increase power and concentration.

The idea came from winemaker Xanthe Freeman, who had just returned from a vintage at the home of Amarone – Valpolicella, in North East Italy and wanted to experiment with the techniques that she had seen.

Father and fellow winemaker, Dr Brian Freeman is passionate about Italian grape varieties and their plantings of Valpolicella grapes are unique in Australia.

Though Valpolicella wine is popular in Europe it is almost unknown in Australia. This take on Amarone will convince the explorers who try it.

Freeman Robusta tastes of cherries, chocolate and Christmas pudding. It has a heady 16.6% alcohol but it carries it comfortably, finishing dry and savoury. It swats aside most Shiraz like Jonah Lomu used to do with Englishmen. A meal in itself. This is the inaugural release but Robusta could become an Australian classic.

Rating 4/5. RRP $70.

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*Finalist- New Wine Writer of the Year 2016- WCA /Gourmet Traveller WINE



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