This is Not a Brexit Article! Chateau Marsau Cotes De Francs

by Fergal Gleeson

Grexit, Nexit, Frexit! By now you’ll have seen the word ‘’Exit” combined with the name of just about every European Nation. Boris Trump what a mess you’ve made!

Boris Trump

I remember Eurorailing in the early 1990’s when there was still a whiff of the Cold War in the air. There were soldiers at border crossings, passport stamps and a myriad of currencies. And then the massive leap forward in the 2000’s.

The ease of travel, the Euro wherever you got off the plane. It was seamless. We were different but united. That felt like real progress. Now Boris, wearing only his union jack speedos, has got “on the lagers” and chucked the Germans’ beach towels into the pool.

There is a heavy price to pay for messing with the towels on the sun loungers. The life guard bans you from Noodle Jousting and all the other pool games.

In the spirit of European chateau marsauAccord this weeks’ recommendation is Chateau Marsau Cotes De Francs 2009 which is a drink that even a Eurosceptic could enjoy.

From a winery that is highly rated by Parker, this 100% Merlot has plenty going on. 2009 is considered one of the great Bordeaux vintages and this wine shows the vintage’s gifts.

It is full bodied with lush, velvety fruit. Merlot is sometimes portrayed as a bland, sweet drink for people who don’t know much about wine. But it ain’t necessarily so. Chateau Marsau is another high quality Bordeaux at an affordable price.

Britain has a long history with Bordeaux, developing a taste for it when South West France was under English control. The first Brexit in 1429, led by Joan of Arc, which involved the French asking for a divorce, did nothing to quench the taste that the English had developed for the wines from the region.

Exports to the English market led to Bordeaux becoming the greatest wine region in the world. An early case of Britain being good for Europe and Europe being good for Britain.

Rating: 4/5. RRP $25. For more Wine Reviews read and follow  Drink and be merry!

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