Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rose

By Fergal Gleeson*terra-sancta-rose

Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rose

Bannockburn, Central Otago 2015

Bannockburn! At the mention of the word I reach for my War Sword, Bagpipes and my Susan Boyle “I Dreamed a Dream” CD ready to throw off the Saxon yoke!  “They can take our land.. “

Well anyway Bannockburn in New Zealand is not the site of a great Scottish military victory but the place where Terra Sancta Estate do their thing.

Terra Sancta is a quality oriented, mid sized winery in Central Otago that produce a range of wines from top shelf Single Block wines through to crowd pleasers.

On a sweltering night in Sydney, conditions were perfect to try their Pinot Noir rose. Rose is experiencing a renaissance in interest that started in swanky parts of London and was transferred by flying hipsters to Paddington in Sydney from where it has dispersed.

Terra Sancta Estate Rose is all about strawberries; from the colour, the nose, right through to the fruit flavours. It’s not a sweetie wine. This is in the modern style of rose – it’s clean and refreshing with a lifted finish and lots of texture.

Would you walk into a bar with a group of rugger buggers and order “a glass of your froootiest rose please?” Probably not.

The sort of sweaty, singlet wearing blokes who appear in VB commercials wouldn’t drink it either. But the word “Brose” was coined to reclaim rose from the girly girls so why not? Man up and drink it with the boys!

Rating 3/5 RRP c$25. For more Wine Reviews read and follow www.greatwineblog.com  Drink and be merry!

*Finalist- New Wine Writer of the Year 2016- WCA /Gourmet Traveller WINE

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