Sunday Roast

By Fergal Gleeson
Teusner the Riebke Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012

72a01741ae0d12f67aad02aa47e24b0fWinter in Sydney doesn’t quite possess an icy grip but last weekend it did show the cold hands of someone with poor circulation.

I was shivering slowly watching my son in under 7’s football uphold a long held family tradition of mediocrity in sport.

As I was dispensing snakes afterwards to the Ronaldo’s of tomorrow I was already thinking ahead to a more rewarding family ritual of Sunday Roast Lunch accompanied by a good quality South Australian Shiraz.

riebkeTeusner The Riebke Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012 has a pleasing black purple colour and smells of silky fruits. You know you’re in for pure pleasure which is very much the house style at Teusner.

A quick scan of the back label shows that Kym Teusner has made this wine from grapes from The Riebke family vineyards, which he considers of particular character. I like to leave even mid weight Barossa reds for a year or two to stretch their limbs.

This one is now suitably limbered up. Apart from the expected fruit there are milk and dark chocolate flavours, high as well as base notes.

The Riebke coats the tongue and has a very long finish. Longer than it takes to roast a kilo of cow. Not quite as long as our renovation took. Check the origin of the expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. You’ll find it was coined by a group of Sydney builders.

Let’s bring it back… Yes this is a good one. Teusner has nailed it again.

Rating: 4/5. RRP $25. For more Wine Reviews read and follow  Drink and be merry!

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