Summer Whites

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By Fergal Gleeson

Summer’s here and the time is right for some light, refreshing wine. We’ve got you covered with recommendations on award winning sparkling to classic dry white blends of Sauvignon and Semillon.


Howard Park Petit Jeté NV          RRP $32

Howard Park have received international recognition for their method traditionelle sparkling wines. The attractively labelled range now spans three wines including a vintage sparkling. Petit Jeté is the newest edition and the entry level to the range designed to be a little softer in style.

It’s a delicious and sophisticated Chardonnay dominant sparkling wine that’s crisp and dry with granny smith fruit flavours. There’s also toasty yeast lees and a hint of sweetness to reward you on the finish. Janice McDonald, 2018 Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year, has nailed it with these sparklings. Scan the label with your smartphone and you’ll see a short video on the inspiration for the Jeté range.


Sauvignon and friends

Streicker Bridgeland Block Sauvignon Semillon 2016      RRP $30

A top shelf Sauvignon Semillon blend from Streicker. Handpicked fruit from southern Margaret River, aged in French oak to provide extra richness of flavour and texture. The crafty hand of Winemaker Bruce Dukes is at work here.

Won a trophy at the 2017 Margaret River Wine show, it’s definitely a superior version of the Sauvignon Semillon blend that Margaret River does so well and good value too. The tasting notes suggest it can age for up to 10 years but it’s drinking beautifully so I’d be going straight to the fridge tonight.

 Juniper Estate Acquitane Blanc 2017                       RRP $33

Winemaker Mark Messenger has just celebrated his 20th anniversary at Juniper Estate. His ability and knowledge of the vineyards is on show in the Acquitane Blanc. It’s a delicious oak matured blend of Sauvignon 2/3 and Semillon 1/3 that was fermented in wild yeast.

First you taste the clarity and quality of the fruit, then refreshing acid, then the oak rounds out the finish. Paradoxically it’s a complex wine that’s easy to enjoy.  The wine’s name is a reference to the origins of oaked Sauvignon Semillon blends in Bordeaux. However Acquitane Blanc is a Margaret River classic.

Cullen Dancing in the Sun 2017                                 RRP $25

Celebrity chef and all round good egg Nigella Lawson is a big fan of Vanya Cullen’s wines. “I’d happily travel the 9,000 miles from London for a glass of anything from Cullen Winery,” Nigella said. “I think Vanya Cullen’s approach to wine-making goes to the heart of what’s special about Margaret River”.

Vanya’s approach is to make great wine sustainably. The wines are certified biodynamic and the winery is carbon neutral. ‘Dancing in the Sun’ is Cullen’s entry level white and is a blend of Sauvignon, Semillon and Verdelho from the estate. It’s less acid driven than many of these blends with the focus more on balance and texture. As Vanya notes “the bit of Verdelho gives it a spicy lift.”

From Your Margaret River Region Magazine

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