Something for the Weekend – Cullen Wines Flagship Chardonnay and Cabernet

By Fergal Gleeson

Kevin John 2019

The new release of their flagship Chardonnay 2019 Kevin John (with a new label) shows the winery on top it’s game. 
Frost in October led to the smallest production in 22 years but the small yield has helped produce an exceptional Chardonnay. 

The energy defines it and as you might expect from a cool vintage there’s minerality and length too.

This is Chardonnay at it’s most urbane and meticulous from #cullenwines reflecting multiple handpicking dates, fermentation in amphorae, natural fermentation and aging in 30% new French oak.

For all the elegance there’s also a ‘kick your shoes off’ deliciousness to it! 
I don’t do ‘Best of’ and ‘Top 5’ lists but this is the best Chardonnay I’ve tasted all year. Beautiful!

RRP $135.

Rating 5 ⭐️’s. 

Diana Madeline 2019

Cullen Wines 2019 Diana Madeline is charming. The Cabernet (87%) is sourced from the original 1971 vineyard, the balance being Merlot, Cab Franc and Malbec. 

The low yielding vintage has produced a savoury wine with gentle tannins that bring you back again and again for more.  It’s medium weight, bright and balanced with an intensity that is subtlety delivered.

Vanya has mentioned the earthy quality that biodynamics  brings. You can taste that structure and rootsy quality.

The 2018 DM was regarded by many critics as Australia’s best red. It’s combination of fruit and balance was irresistible.
The 2019 will also win hearts and minds.

The fine tannins, Buena Vista Social Club cigar notes and elegance are what great Cabernet is all about!
RRP $140

Rating 5 ⭐️’s

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