Rosés of Geographe

By Fergal Gleeson

Rosé has well and truly arrived. In 2017 sales of rosé in Australia increased by 65% according to liquor industry statistics. This is not just an Australian thing. It’s part of a global trend that has seen millennials from New York to London to Perth embrace the pink drink.

The French have been imbibing rosé for years. In fact they drink a lot more rosé than white wine. In the English speaking world rosé was frumpy and gauche. That all changed a few years ago when the Hamptons set developed a taste for rosés from Provence. Hip young urban Instagrammers jumped on the trend and rosés’ brand had changed to the drink for the beach, for wine bars, for picnics, for summer. Here was an inexpensive wine that you could enjoy without all the stuffy, pretentious talk.

The trend is towards lighter coloured, refreshing Rosé. But they are not all the same. Rosé can be made from any red grape. The traditional Provencal grapes are Grenache or Mourvedre. Italian and Spanish varieties which are now established in Geographe also make fine rosés.

A Pinot Rosé will tend to be pale and light, a Shiraz will have more fruit and be fuller flavoured and a Tempranillo will be savoury with texture from the tannins and so on. Sales spike from spring to autumn but there is no reason not to be drinking more complex examples all year round.

Rosé was a girly drink but it has now been reclaimed by men. Is the target market high viz vest wearing ute drivers? Probably not. But the word “brosé” was coined to reclaim rosé from the girls so why not? Man up and drink it with the boys!

 Rose wine lighting

Bakkheia Wines

 2018 Cojones Muy Grande

Bakkheia are a small producer of Mediterranean style wines in the Preston Valley.  Ilonka and Michael Edwards tend the land, organically grow the grapes and make the wine.  They are passionate about sustainable living and growing great food and wine. Bakkheia (also known as bacchanalia) “is the frenzy induced by Bacchus – freeing one from one’s normal self, through madness, ecstasy, or wine”. Intrigued? Their wines are only available through a private wine list. Contact the winemaker for further details.

Winemaker’s notes:

A Provencal dry style Rose from 40% Grenache, 35% Cabernet, and 25% Mourvedre. 100% single vineyard and grown organically.  Bright delightful strawberry cream fruit notes with delicious lingering savoury flavours.  A wine to be served at 8-10 C with charcuterie and cheese.

Capel Vale

2017 Regional Series Pemberton Rose

Capel Vale were the pioneering winery in Geographe in 1974 and are also the largest producer. The winery was established by Perth based Dr Peter Pratton and his wife Elizabeth. Their operations have since expanded with the purchase of vineyards in Mount Barker, Pemberton and Margaret River. Gourmet Traveller Wine has awarded Capel Vale “Best Large Cellar Door 2018” in the region. Dining is available at Match Restaurant. They are a 5 star rated Halliday Winery.

Winemaker’s notes:

This 100% Pinot Noir Rosé displays aromas of bright berry fruits with floral edges. The palate is full of red apples and fresh strawberries with a crisp dry finish. A great wine to drink on release. Enjoy with seafood paella or grilled chicken.

Fifth Estate Wines

Rosé 2017

Fifth Estate Wines is situated in Harvey. It’s is a small Vineyard managed with great attention to detail by owners Mark and Julie Moloney. They produce Shiraz, Chardonnay, Rose and Tempranillo wines of great balance and flavour. Fifth Estate Winemaker, Peter Stanlake, knows the Geographe region intimately.

Winemaker’s notes:

This bright young wine has a lifted aroma of red berries and rose petals which are instantly appealing. The aroma leads into a crisp and refreshing palate that has zingy fresh plum and cherry flavours. Subtle hints of tropical fruits and balanced acidity make this an easy drinking wine that will delight discerning rosé drinkers. Enjoy chilled on a lazy summer afternoon with your favourite cheese or spicy Asian cuisine.


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