No Snowflake in an Avalanche ever feels responsible

by Fergal Gleeson #repost


“No Snowflake in an Avalanche ever feels responsible”

I read this obscure and brilliant quote after cracking open a fortune cookie at Golden Century in China Town recently. Are they the words of Ban Ki- moon, Nelson Mandela or Tony Abbott?

Actually they were coined by a Polish aphorist I’d never heard off. That wasn’t surprising because I don’t know any Polish aphorists!

However they stuck in my brain as I felt sorry for myself on the day after the company Christmas party. I was feeling tired and gouty. I blamed the Season for it. All this endless partying, three-course-lunches, end-of-year reviews, celebrating each other, platitudes and anti-social drinking. This stodginess was starting to slow my body down like a river that’s gradually silting over.

So on Friday night it was time to make a healthy choice: Riesling. O’Leary Walker Polish Hill 2014 Riesling to be exact. Grape juice fermented in stainless steel thanks, bottled and ready to drink.

With slightly less alcohol this was the responsible option to ease into the weekend. Clean lemon and lime flavours with refreshing acid. Dry of course in the Clare Valley style but full enough to be satisfying.

Afterwards I felt pure, it was just like meditation without the tedious silences.

Widely available. RRP c$25. Rating: 3.5/5. For more Wine Reviews read and follow  Drink and be merry!

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