Les Courtilles, Cotes Du Rhones Villages, Plan de Dieu 2012

by Fergal Gleeson

I reckon that you probably enjoy reading about Red Wines more than Regulatory Capital and Chianti over Cost Allocations. So here it is a recommendation of a wine to try tonight …something for the weekend.

The Cotes Du Rhone is the most accessible and consistent of the major French wine regions. Le Courtilles CdR Villages is a Syrah and Grenache blend and is great bang for your rapidly retreating Australian buck.

It’s silky smooth with lots of dark fruit flavor from the Syrah and some red berry lightness from the Grenache with a touch of herbs and smooth tannin on the finish.

If you like Penfolds Bin wines this will be your thing. Its also a classy looking bottle with it’s big bottom and old word typeset.

You don’t need a PHD to appreciate this wine, Les Courtilles will knock the socks off the competition at a barbeque but it has enough complexity to satisfy a wine snoot. Rating: 4/5. Available from Winestar and many others. Price c. $21. Drink and be Merry!

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