Enigmatic Italian- Fontanafredda Langhe Nebbiolo 2012

by Fergal Gleeson


You may think Bob Dylan is a musical genius or you may think “Mr Tambourine Man” is the most irritating song of all time. Nebbiolo is a bit like that!

Not a crowd pleaser, sometimes wilfully obscure and an independent! It is the opposite of what you’d call a barbeque wine.

Top of the Nebbiolo pile is Barolo which is comparable to the Bordeaux or Burgundy in terms of it’s status in the wine world. The Piedmontese refer to Barolo as “The King of Wines and The Wine of Kings”.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen Barolo priced below $100 so it’s well beyond what most people want to spend on a bottle but this Langhe Nebbiolo will give you a good feel for what the style is all about. I first tasted this wine at Whitewater Restaurant, the trendy “beach house” chic place in Manly. It was highly perfumed and I fell for it before I’d even had a drink.

The Fontanafredda tastes of sour cherries with a good lashing of refreshing acid and tannins. You’ve tried Chianti? Here’s another medium bodied Italian red that excels with food. Keep rocking Bob!

Available from www.winestar.com.au . Price $25. Rating: 4/5. For more Wine Reviews read and follow www.greatwineblog.wordpress.com  Drink and be merry!

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