Dr Loosen’s Prescription

Dr Loosen photo

Life wasn’t easy for Palaeolithic man. Food was always scarce. He just about got by by eating what he could hunt or find …. including family members.

He’d fall off his boulder if he thought that his diet would be considered the template for twenty first century urban dwellers. Personally I love Gran but I don’t want to see her on the menu. She’s a bit too chewy.

That well known sensationalist tabloid the Australian Financial Review ran an article recently attempting to separate fad diets from those are healthy. Unfortunately the range of experts provided completely contradictory advice:

  • Eat more Brown Rice/Brown Rice contains high levels of arsenic
  • Bone broth is great for leaky gut (is that a problem?)/ Be careful the carcass tends to hoard all the chemicals
  • Eat Paleo and you will look ripped/The absence of carbs mean you won’t produce serotonin and you’ll feel low
  • 5:2 is the best diet/ Eating 500 calories 2 days a week is not sustainable
  • Cut sugar from your diet/Artificial sweeteners are highly processed

The only unanimity was about the crystal meth and crack cocaine of foods: wheat and dairy! If you avoid them you’ll have impeccable bowels, boundless energy levels and guaranteed personal fulfilment. At this point I threw the paper across the room and made myself a cheese toastie.

If you want a great wine that may be less unhealthy than the others you should consider one made by a doctor. Dr Loosen Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 2012 from Mosel Germany will cure all ills.

It starts with sweetness. It reminded me of my first bottle of 7UP and moves through a kaleidoscope of flavours too numerous to mention like walking through a house with many rooms. The Eden and Clare Valley Rieslings you are used to are a like a distant cousin twice removed so different are they in style.

Despite the 8% alcohol it still has a full flavour but you can enjoy without a hangover the next morning. Pure pleasure that even a Neanderthal that could appreciate. Just what the doctor ordered!

Rating: 4/5. For more Wine Reviews read and follow http://www.greatwineblog.com Drink and be merry!

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