Devil’s Lair Chardonnay 2012, Margaret River, Western Australia

by Fergal Gleeson

A holiday in the Margaret River is on the bucket list. However given that my 9 year old doesn’t hold her liquor very well it’s on the long finger. So for $40 I opened a bottle of Devil’s Lair, a top flight Chardonnay from Australia’s premier white wine region.

You get crisp, refreshing white peach flavours on the front palate, some oak providing depth in the middle and a dry finish. Devil’s Lair do the cheaper “Fifth Leg” and “Hidden Cave” wines, which are good for what they are, but this is much better.

Like Mel Gibson, Australian Chardonnay was once a hero but is now seen as a fallen angel strictly for oldies at the RSL, holding tickets for the Meat Raffle. People who drink things like Tequila and Sambuca say with much fervour that they can’t drink Chardonnay!

I’m thinking “Really?” Australian Chardonnay is due a rebirth. So cut away from the herd and raise a glass of Western Australia’s finest this weekend. And the winner is a green ticket- Number 85 Staying Alive! You Stay Classy Sydney!

Widely available. Price: c$40. Rating: 4/5. Drink and be merry!


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