Come up to the Farm!

Coldstream Hills Deer Farm Vineyard Chardonnay 2011
by fergal Gleeson

Yarra Valley Victoria

One of my favourite “Dad Jokes” is about the guy who had a phobia about German sausages … he tried not to but he just kept fearing the wurst! I think consumers have coldstream-hillsfinally stopped fearing the worst regarding Australian chardonnay which has finally been allowed back out to the playground after a period in detention. One of the very best is Coldstream Hills Deer Farm Chardonnay 2011.

The Deer Farm is a single vineyard in the cool Upper Yarra. This is citric, complex, chalky and austere with a faint touch of oak. It is more intense and serious than Coldstream Hills entry level chardonnay (c. $25).

The finish goes on forever like an ex- prime ministers lust for power. When you taste it you’ll see why it’s won a treasure chest full of trophies and gold medals.

You’re also sampling a piece of Australian wine making history as Coldstream Hills was founded by the Godfather of Australian wine critics James Halliday. James practiced before he preached in making award winning wines. Treasury acquired Coldstream in 1996 but the chardonnay and pinot noir continue to excel. Australian Chardonnay doesn’t get much better. I for one am glad they moved the deer on!

Rating: 4/5. Price: c$45. For more Wine Reviews read and follow  Drink and be merry!

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