Champagne Supernova

By Fergal Gleeson*
Louis Roederer Brut Premier
Non-Vintage Champagne

kim-trickAren’t we flash these days? While much of the rest of the world is downsizing to cheaper sparkling wine, Australia is one of Champagne’s fastest growing markets. We’re now drinking over 8 million bottles a year of the stuff.

Forget about business lending figures, the CPI, consumer confidence and the myriad of other indexes and tables produced by the dismal scientists showing that Australians are unhappy, readjusting after the mining boom or drowning in debt. Sales of the Rolls Royce of drinks are growing by double digits each year.

As far as celebration is concerned it doesn’t stop there. Sales of Prosecco are growing even faster- by a frothy 45% in 2015. And all of this at a time when Aussies are drinking less alcohol? Surely it’s time for the economists to consider the champagne flute half full rather than half empty regarding Australia’s economic wellbeing.brut

I’m still old fashioned enough to consider champagne a drink for special occasions rather than something to drain like orange juice. I was fortunate enough to be drinking a bottle of Louis Roederer Brut Premier recently.

The Brut Premiere is the Houses’ entry level offering but at $75 a bottle it’s modest only in the way that a small Mercedes is. Celebrities would never drop below Cristal but this NV is priced above NV’s from Moet, Veuve, Piper et al so you are expecting quality.

The Louis Roederer has strong smoky, toasty flavours. It’s dry and focussed but has a little residual sweetness courtesy of the pinot noir so that it’s not too austere. There’s a not unpleasant acid attack on the finish which is long. In short it’s impressive. O

nce you’ve tasted it you’ll be wracking your brains for the next special occasion so you can drink it again.

Rating: 4/5. RRP $75. For more Wine Reviews read and follow  Drink and be merry!

*Finalist New Wine Writer of the Year 2016- WCA Gourmet Traveller WINE

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