Are you being Disrupted?

by Fergal Gleeson
SC Pannell Adelaide Hills Nebbiolo 2012

Digital Disruption is one of the great business buzzwords of the day. Saying things like “Yes that industry is really being disrupted” is a way to look forward thinking and edgy.

You could go further and say “It’s getting so crazy now, the original digital disrupters are being disrupted!” People would have no idea what you are talking about but you will get a few solemn nods as they try to mask their panic at being out of touch.

You can achieve true digital guru status by combining it with other business clichés. “You’ve got to become bleeding edge and leverage digital to spend more face time with your customers to future proof your business or you’ll be digitally disrupted.” If you can speak like this …. Well email your resume to me for the $450,000 a year Management Consultant role I’m recruiting.

To avoid using the Double D words, you could say that wine retail has changed. Tis a brave person that would open a neighbourhood wine shop these days. For starters you’ve got airport sized warehouses like Dan Murphys and 1st Choice who are slaughtering you on price.

Then you’ve got online retailing offering endless pricing transparency and convenience jack hammering at your business model. There are auction sites, wine brokers, wine clubs and endless discount websites. Running a wine shop might be a way to turn a large fortune into a small one. Or a small one into none.

Feeling old school I bought a bottle from my local wine shop this week. The owner, a real human being, recommended the SC Pannell Adelaide Hills Nebbiolo 2012. Nebbiolo is a tricky grape that some would say is best left to the Italians.

This Australian version was perfectly executed tasting of tar and roses. It was a medium bodied red with prominent but smooth tannins. I’ve hailed SC Pannell Tempranillo Touriga previously and this wine is another hit.

Some people rave about visiting Bunnings, I like to browse wine shops. Wander into your own and see what the owner has to offer. It’s not as noble a cause as saving the Great Barrier Reef or baby penguins but on your third bottle of SCP Nebbiolo the preservation of your local wine shop could become your next crusade!

Disrupt the disrupters and drink lots of water before you go to bed.

Rating: 4/5. Price: c$30. For more Wine Reviews read and follow  Drink and be merry!

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