A Red with a Roast

By Fergal Gleeson

Tempranillo (pronounced Tem-pran-ee- oh) is main grape in Rioja, Spain’s most famous wine style. It’s excelling in the Geographe wine region and there are many fine examples to try. 

Willow Bridge are one of the region’s largest and most successful wineries. Try their 2020 Solana Tempranillo ($30) for a style which exudes vibrancy and complexity with mouth-watering tannin which matches perfectly to food.  Kim Horton’s winemaking encourages deep and dense structures, but with spice and minerality. http://www.willowbridge.com.au

Fifth Estate Tempranillo ($21) has rich flavours of dark berries and spices fill the mouth, supported by slippery tannins and a smoky oak finish. It’s part of a small range from Julie and Mark Moloney who take great care of their vineyard. www.fifthesate.com.au

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to Geographe Tempranillo. Saint Aidan 2019 Tempranillo ($25) is a silver medal winner. Tempranillo has proven to be a ‘hero’ varietal for the Geographe Wine region. St Aidan’s host an Annual Tempranillo Wine Tasting Day and the local offerings stack up well against their Spanish and rest of Australia challengers.

Zinfandel is a famous grape in California. You can taste your own slice of Americana with Mandalay Road Zinfandel 2018 ($36). Fresh and aromatic with ripe raspberry dominating the palate. The palate is full and rich with approachable tannins. This wine won a Trophy for Best Zinfandel at the ‘ANZ Australia and New Zealand Boutique Wine Awards’ 2019. www.mandalayesate.com

Smallwater Estate also make a highly awarded Zinfandel ($35 on Sale). Smallwater’s has a slick black cherry entry with rich inky tannin and a velvety persistence throughout the mid-palate. The finish is dark yet fresh with hints of anise and cacao nib. They recommend it Italian‚ Mexican and Spanish cuisines as well with cheese. http://www.smallwaterestate.com

From Found Magazine

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